Do you know that little dash “-” ┬áthat’s in between our birth date and our death date?

It does not matter, how much you own, the cars, the cash.

What really matters is how you live and how you spend your dash.

I hope you are investing your time wisely, for you never know what time is left.

If you could just slow down enough to consider what is true and real, important and un-important,

If you could just try to understand how other people feel,

If you would be less quick to anger,

If you could show appreciation and gratitude more,

If you could love more, give more, be present more,

If you would put the phones down, put your head up and be present in the moment with people in your life,

If you are single, be one with your food,

When was the last time you actually did ONLY one thing, at one time, and were present from moment to moment,

If you could go to dinner and actually talk to the person across from you and not let our “real friends” on Facebook share in a impersonal experience, while you neglect real experiences,

— What’s wrong you people?

How do you spend your dash?

Will you have any regrets at the end of your dash?

Stop dashing.

Start being present.

Start living.

Create meaningful memories and relationships!

Written by:  John Fraser