These are some of my Archived Training Videos and Presentations

Dan Stammen in one of the First Trainings on how to prospect in Legalshield.   Dan is now the President of WorldVentures Travel and is no longer in MLM but on the Corporate side of a huge mlm in the Travel industry.  Watch this video and see how we can learn the skills of a master prospector, and talker.

John Fraser, a former top 1% Income earner in Legalshield prior to them terminating my business without notification and without investigation or communication with me.  John Fraser currently has a lawsuit (as of September 2017) for Breach of Contract and the company not paying our my life long residuals, or ongoing commissions after Brian Carruthers got us terminated listen to this call with Brian Threatening John then less than 2 weeks later MY Position was TERMINATED!

John Fraser doing a Testimonial at Tom Owens – a Legalshield Executive Director, training event in Oklahoma.


John Fraser doing an activity training on what effort you have to put into a MLM or Network Marketing business to make money and succeed.   DO NOT JOIN Empower Network as it is NOT the business it used to be when Kelly looked at it in 2014.  The training techniques we learned there DID HELP us in our Internet Marketing Efforts for other Brick and Mortar Businesses and in the Google StreetView Photography for the inside of companies… as far back as 2014.


This is a great video to get to know John & Kelly Fraser more.  Even though Kelly is NO longer part of Empower Network, as John has stayed OUT of any MLMs personally during the time of the Lawsuit with Legalshield, this was a good video I didn’t want to delete!  🙂