About John Fraser and Kelly Fraser

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We help business owners thrive and succeed with hyper local branding through custom designed websites, hosting, and online marketing.  We also provide 360º Virtual Tours, Business and Corporate Photography, and Direct integration of VR Imagery  into Google’s Streetview Trusted Photographer.

We help Entrepreneurs make money in the home based business industry, and through attraction marketing and rebranding themselves to become influencers, to have leads come to you.

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John Fraser, Entrepreneur Learned out later in life that Entrepreneurs really have a hard time working for other people as an employee…  so after mowing lawns, doing lemonade stands, etc, I found out that after being fired or leaving ~40 jobs in my life, and a dozen businesses, most that failed and a few that did really well.  After meeting Kelly my 4th wife, she convinced me to NEVER look for a job again and simply create what I wanted in life– really to identify what my strengths were and focus on those.   So after my LegalShield  business of 14 years was terminated, I used his expertise in marketing to help get Kelly’s Restaurant Upholstery business back up and running.   In between doing upholstery, there was time to bring on clients who needed websites built, and hosted, so I started www.BYDHosting.com to accommodate this need.  Also I had an opportunity to become a Street View Trusted Photographer who does the 360º Virtual Tours for the inside of businesses, so I opened, Tulsa Panorama.com and www.StreetView2Go.com.   Eventually looking to own about 30-50 acres of land to build a solar passive home while developing a homestead and growing some of our own food, I’d love to have a workshop where I can work from home / tinker in the garage and work on New Energy projects — things that I enjoy.  I love working on stuff and building things, so maybe i’ll eventually be more like Farmer John, then MLM John.  We wanted to be living in an area where we’d normally vacation so that our home is where we relax.  As the work I do is portable and can be done anywhere in the world from a laptop.  I hope that you find what you love to do, learn to get off the treadmill of life and follow your dreams.   If you need help in designing a business around your interests or would like to work with us in one of our ventures, feel free to reach out to us.  We purposefully do NOT list our direct phone number for privacy and to control our time better, leave us a voicemail or email and we’ll get back with you.

Kelly Fraser, Entrepreneur
I came from an entrepreneurial family which lead me down the path of owning my own businesses beginning with a Liquor Store and Car Wash at age 21.  After selling those businesses, I worked as a Dental Office Manager while raising 2 boys and dreaming of opening a bookstore.  The bookstore “Beyond Your Dreams” was opened in 1995 and closed in 1997 after deciding raising a then 3 yr old and 11 yr old and being away from home from 10 AM to 10 PM 6 days a week, TRAPPED behind 4 walls, wasn’t the life I wanted.   So I took a break and stayed home, homeschooling the boys for the next 11 yrs.  During this time, in 2000, I took an upholstery class which I loved!  After my class I began building and selling custom leather and cowhide hair-on furniture, which lead to me being offered the opportunity to take over a restaurant upholstery business in 2003.  While still operating the upholstery business I became an Associate with LegalShield in 2009.  My business was completely separate from John’s business he had since 1998.

I met John in 2009 as part of LegalShield.  We were friends for a year, began dating in 2010 and got married in Santa Fe on 11-11-11 at our friend’s Mountain Home!  Since John’s LegalShield business was much more successful than mine, we began building his business and were on the verge of advancing to the next level, where we would be making over a $$$ 6 figure income $$$ … while only working less than Half of each Month!  We thought we were on our way to living our DREAM LIFE  …  when we John’s Legalshield business was abruptly terminated without notice or without cause on October 2, 2012!  Happy 1 year Anniversary … NOT!

The Termination not only caused MONUMENTAL Financial Problems, it WREAKED HAVOC on our personal relationship too.  John was angry, depressed and hopeless to say the Least!  Pretty much a #1 Asshole!  During this time we built back up my upholstery business while I tried out other network marketing companies our friends had become involved with, while John  was nothing but negative about network marketing businesses as a whole, and didn’t participate with me in any new ventures I was interested in.  There were 3 MLMs in total with none working out.  I started completely fresh with new prospects without bringing any of our downline with LegalShield into my new businesses.  John’s attitude wasn’t the best either, as he really didn’t want to have anything to do with Network Marketing ever again!  John held firm and decided until the lawsuit with LegalShield was finished or the non-compete with Legalshield expired in 2 years and that — having integrity, he wouldn’t contact anyone from his business.  John also started helping companies with web development, search engine optimization and doing Street View 360º Photography to help getting some money coming in.

During this time John’s values began shifting over to be more aligned with mine!  Yippee!!!  We decided to choose happiness and our relationship and our lives are growing stronger every day!